Find, Connect & Convert

Social media doesn't have to be hard.

Join me for my 5 day challenge

Join me for a free 5-day challenge to increase your impact and supercharge your marketing 

Running a business with a purpose?

You can't help people if you can't reach them.

Social media platforms are changing at such a rapid pace, it's hard to keep up! So these days having a social media Roadmap is a necessity.

Because how amazing would it be to not just grow a following....but actually get customers from it?!

I'm calling this a visibility challenge but this isn't just going to be me encouraging you to post more, this is about posting the RIGHT content to the RIGHT people!


What you'll learn:


In this free training I’ll share:

✅ 6 steps to creating your very own social marketing strategy (that works for Facebook & Instagram)

✅ The 3 BIG mistakes to avoid to make Social Media work for business

✅ My 3-part framework for social media success

✅ The 80-20 rule that gets followers buying what you're selling


Day 1 - Essentials to Success

I’ll introduce you to my 3-part framework for social media success, and share the 3 biggest mistakes that most people make, so you can avoid them. This simple framework will help you improve your messaging and connect with those you want to serve the most.


Day 2 - Clarity

Get crystal clear over what you offer and who you serve, plus we’ll dig into how to find and connect with your dream clients


Day 3 - Consistency

Visibility and showing up!  How to be visible in the online world and overcoming the fears that hold us back, plus how to gain trust and build a loyal following by showing up in the right way!


Day 4 - Content 

If you’ve ever got stuck wondering what to post, this one is for you! I’ll show you how to never run out of ideas and create content that converts those dream customers. Plus you'll learn the 80-20 rule that turns followers into customers.


Day 5 - Planning & Action

I give you the 6 steps to creating a social marketing strategy that works to propel you into 2020 for your BEST YEAR EVER!

Hi I'm Danielle 

I create stand out brands for Wellness Experts & Spiritual Entrepreneurs and teach passionate small businesses to supercharge their impact, income and reach through magnetic marketing.


I founded Be More You as a Brand & Marketing Expert who blends 16 years experience of working with the likes of Apple, Amazon, and leading UK and Global brands with my experience of working in a small business as a marketing team of one! So I understand that the struggle is REAL!

Are you ready to supercharge your business?

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