The best free boho fonts

Bohemian definiton in Boho Pierson font on Canva

For those of you that know me, you’ll know I’m slightly obsessed with fonts and font psychology. It’s not exaggerating to say that fonts have the power to make or break your brand and can seriously impact your credibility (don’t believe me, ask the CERN scientist who presented a groundbreaking presentation in comic sans).

Not all fonts are created equal and they each have a unique personality, which means you’ll need to choose your brand fonts carefully. Fret not, if you’re looking for free boho fonts, I’ve picked out some of the best free fonts available with a boho vibe.

Scroll down the page to see my best boho fonts on Canva.

The best free boho fonts. List of 14 free fonts with bohemian style
  1. Curvilingus
  2. Beau
  3. Hill House
  4. Awal Ramadhan
  5. Aliquam Regular
  6. Ranget
  7. Norse
  8. Valkyrie Bold
  9. Peapod Thai
  10. Kenta
  11. Yagpo Tibetan Sambhoto Uni
  12. Naila
  13. Wintersoul
  14. El Messiri Bold

These free boho fonts are all available to download in either ttf or oft files and can be used in Word, PowerPoint, photoshop, illustrator or other design software. You can find them by doing a simple google search.

5 of my favourite free boho fonts

All of the fonts here have been hand selected by me, but if you want to know which ones make my top 5, and why – here they are…

Kenta is a unique display font that would be perfect for logos and headers. The unevenness of the letters has an organic feel and the dots on the i’s, which feel like candle flames, add a sense of movement. 

Hill House is a typeface based on the distinctive handwriting of Glasgow architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928). I love the unusual accents, which would make for a memorable display font.

Yagpo Tibetan Sambhota Uni it is Tibetan Unicode OpenType font, which contains contain about 11 250 letters from ancient Tibetan Buddhist texts. It’s simple yet elegant. As free boho fonts go, this one has to be my favourite.

Wintersoul is a beautiful handwritten font. Handwritten fonts are packed full of personality, so tread carefully and choose a font that has the right balance of legibility and energy for your brand. This brush script font is easy to read and is weighty enough that it could be easily used on posters and websites.

Valkyrie Bold Extended features beautiful accents that add a unique decorative touch to this rounded and friendly-feeling serif font. If you’re wanting to add a touch of whimsy to your brand this is a great font choice.

Where to find free boho fonts

It’s important to know that you can’t just use any font you find on the internet. Fonts, like photos, have owners and are covered by copyright. Most fonts are sold for commercial use – that’s how the creators put a roof over their head and pay their bills.

However, there are free fonts available. The best place to find free fonts is Google fonts. The fonts you’ll find here are free to use on the web and in design work, which means you can legally use it on ebooks, Instagram posts etc.

You’ll also find fonts available online for free on various sites including Font Space but make sure that the license covers the use for which you need it. If you’re a business owner you need to look for fonts that are free for commercial use.

All of the fonts shown here are free for all uses including commercial use, which should have you all doing a happy dance.

18 Boho fonts on Canva

If, like me, you love Canva. Things have changed quite a bit since their earlier days of limited choice. Now there’s a huge choice of all types of fonts including boho fonts on Canva.

Bohemian definiton in Boho Pierson font on Canva

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend upgrading to a Canva Pro account i.e. the paid version. You’ll get far more fonts to choose from as well as a whole library of illustrations, stock photos and templates.

Also, with a Canva Pro account you can upload your own brand fonts if they aren’t already available on Canva.

Boho fonts on canva - Themysion

Here’s a list of some of my favourite Boho fonts on Canva

  1. Aprila Bold
  2. Buffalo
  3. Madelyn
  4. Sunborn
  5. Afrah
  6. Indian
  7. Pierson
  8. Themysion
  9. Agrandir Grand Medium
  10. Cupcakes
  11. RoxboroughCF
  12. Alegreya
  13. Comfortaa light
  14. Athena Inline
  15. Barrio
  16. Charm
  17. True Typewriter
  18. Beach Resort
Boho fonts on canva - true typewriter

Some of the fonts listed are only available in Canva Pro but there are a huge number of alternatives available in the free version.

Examples of Boho fonts on canva

Brand Font advice

When it comes to choosing fonts for your brand, less is generally more.

Ideally, you should choose no more than 2-3 fonts for your brand.

Remember, some fonts come in font families that include the font in different weights and styles i.e. bold or italic that you can use when you need to change things up.

The main fonts you’ll need are

  • A Header Font
  • A Body Font
  • and an Accent font

Bold display fonts – like Aprila bold, Sunborn or Barrio (the canva fonts shown above) work well for header fonts.

Simple, easy to read fonts work best for body fonts (remember that people need to be able to read it on a mobile device).

Script or handwritten fonts like Madelyn, Buffalo, Beach Resort and Indian (shown in the Canva example above) work well as accent fonts when you want to inject a bit of personality.

Found a great free boho font?

I’d love to know if you’ve found a great free boho font. I might even add it to my next free font roundup.

Need some brand love?

If your brand needs some love why not schedule a free discovery call to discuss your options. I offer a range of brand design services as well as brand consultancy to inject some love back into your brand.

Full disclosure: I am a Canva affiliate. If you upgrade to Canva Pro I receive a small fee, which I will most likely use to buy crystals and dog treats for Red.

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