Beyond the Logo

12 weeks to master your marketing

Beyond the logo is a guided group program for passionate small business owners who want to master marketing to increase their impact, reach and income online.

What if marketing your business was easy?

What if you had a clear plan of action and you could focus your efforts on what you know works?

What if you could attract your ideal clients online?


I see you

You have a mission and an important message - but nobody’s listening.

You're frustrated. You want to scale your business and impact more people but you have no idea where to start and you’re just not a ‘marketing person’.

You know you are amazing at what you do and your customers love you, the problem is, your struggling to get your message heard in the noisy online world and people just don’t understand what you can really do for them.

You've tried to do it yourself but all those free challenges and emails have left you feeling overwhelmed and even more confused.

But it doesn't have to be this way...


It doesn't have to be this hard

What you need is

  • Simple actionable steps, that actually work
  • A clear, easy and effective strategy to attract and inspire your dream customers
  • A simple framework to success
Danielle Garber Brand and Marketing Coach sat in front of laptop

I get it....

I might have 16 years experience working with some of the UK’s best-known brands (Apple, B&Q, Amazon, John Lewis...) but when I left to work on my own business and became a marketing department of one, with a teeny tiny budget I had to throw (almost) everything I knew out of the window...

What I discovered was this; most marketing advice is designed for large companies who already have a strong brand.

Or is being sold to you by influencers who ALREADY have a massive following.

And one thing I learnt the hard way is that what works for them, won’t work for you!

You have to do things differently to gain traction and stand out!

Marketing is more of an art than a science

but if you don’t get the balance right, you might actually end up repelling rather than attracting customers.

Most people will teach you HOW to get your message out there, but very few teach you HOW TO GET IT RIGHT in the first place.


The truth is... if your message is off, nothing you do will work

When you get the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT people using the RIGHT media, your engagement will go through the roof and you'll start to consistently attract the right clients.

What if you could:

  • Avoid the confusion and overwhelm
  • Communicate your message in a clear and consistent way
  • Know exactly where to focus your effort for maximum results
  • Impact more people and attract customers online
  • Know exactly what to post
  • Never run out of ideas
Danielle Garber - be more you- beyond the logo group program
Danielle Garber Beyond the Brand Group program

What is Beyond the Logo?

Beyond the logo is a guided group program for passionate small business owners who want to master marketing to increase their impact, reach and income online. It is designed to give you:

A clear path to success online

easy to action guided tutorials

accountability and support throughout 

I founded Be More You as a brand & marketing expert who blends 16 years experience of working with the likes of Apple, Amazon, and leading UK and Global brands with my experience working in a successful, 6-figure small business as a marketing team of one!

Join my 12 week program

You'll get online access to members resources library with your weekly actions, tutorials and how-to videos plus a private facebook group and fortnightly group accountability calls with hot seats.

Vision and Goals - Beyond the logo video module

Module 1 - Vision & Goals

Goal setting is an essential foundation for your business and necessary for any online campaign. So we'll start by getting you clear on your vision, impact & income goals to guide your actions so that everything you do takes you one step closer to your ultimate goal.

Module 2 - Magnetic Messaging

Understanding your dream customer, where to find them, and how to talk so they'll listen.

I'll teach you how to become irresistible and master authentic connections and take you through simple frameworks you can use to ensure you have consistent messaging.

Magnetic messaging -- Beyond the logo video training module
Magnetic content - Beyond the logo video training module

Module 3 - Magnetic Content

Creating your magnetic content & messaging framework. Planning a month's worth of content in a morning. List building and creating your opt-in freebie.

Includes a bonus PDF - 36 types of magnetic content

Module 4 - Supercharged Website

I'll take you through the basic things any successful website needs and then teach you to Supercharge your website through Local search and drive website traffic through Search Engine Optimisation.

I'll share the exact method I used to grow my web traffic from 300 to over 17K visits a month in just 12 months

Supercharged website - Beyond the logo video training module
Video Star - Beyond the logo video training module

Module 5 - Video Star

I'll take you through the 4 types of video your business needs. Video styles to suit your personality & how to plan your video content.

Plus I'll also take you through the YouTube video recipe and show you how you can repurpose your video to increase your impact and reach.

Module 6- Facebook 101

Setting up your business page and creating pinned posts. What works on Facebook: leveraging groups, lives, posts and basic Facebook Ads.


Guest training from Elana Schutte of Click leads Digital Marketing.

Facebook 101 - Beyond the logo video training module
Instagram 101 - Beyond the logo video training module

Module 7- Instagram 101

I'll take you through everything you need to get yourself started on Instagram including how to write a bio that attracts your dream customer. Setting up your Link in Bio

I'll also talk DMs and mastering authentic connections,

Plus how to plan and use stories, IGTV and going live.

Module 8-Supercharge Your Content

How to 10x your content plan. I'll teach you how to take one piece of branded content and use it everywhere - so that you're not constantly wondering what to post. I'll also share more time-saving content tips with you.

10X Content - Beyond the logo training module
Instagram 101 - Beyond the logo video training module

Group Coaching Calls

Every fortnight I'll be hosting a group coaching call with hot seats where you can ask questions, get support and accountability.

Plus these bonuses

30 ways to get clients now PDF. I'm including 30 different ideas that you can put into place to get clients through the door now and to make fast sales. Because sometimes you just need an income boost!

get clients now bonus PDF included with Beyond the logo program

Marketing Resources

It's taken me years to find these resources (many are free) that will help you to market your business more effectively and I'm giving them to you. I'm including my complete list of trusted tools and resources, so you don't have to trawl through all your options. It's a one-stop-shop for time-saving, incredible tools that will help you build your business.

marketing resources bonus PDF included with Beyond the logo program

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