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Brand design / Brand Strategy

Branding for Therapists: an essential guide

December 20, 2022
Brand design / Brand Strategy

What is a Brand Strategy & 5 reasons you need one

Brand design

Brand Design: How to inspire authority and trust

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Academy of Modern Celebrancy colourful Brand Glow Up Moodboard

A colourful brand glow up & web redesign for AMC

a tablet with The Loft Pilates Studio Brand Identity Design moodboard on it

The Loft Pilates Studio Brand Design

Laura de zordo brand design on a laptop

Colourful brand design for a Jewellery Designer

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Wildwood Nutrition brand design for naturopathic nutritionist

Wildwood Nutrition Branding

BRAND STRATEGY | BRAND DESIGN | WEBSITE DESIGN Wildwood Nutrition: Behind the Brand Julie came to me as the final touches were being completed on the main house that would become home to her Naturopathic Nutrition Clinic and Retreat Centre in Hamble, Southampton. Julie had a crystal clear vision for what she wanted to achieve,…

Brand strategy document showing brand mood board and brand essence pillars with notebook

What is a Brand Strategy & 5 reasons you need one

A brand strategy is like a roadmap for your business; it guides you every step of the way. It’s something that all businesses should have, regardless of size or industry type. In this article, we’ll dive deep into what is a brand strategy and look at five important reasons why having one can help any…

Danielle Garber_brand strategist_ stood infront of ceiling height brand moodboard

Brand Design: How to inspire authority and trust

The simple truth is this. Humans are not logical animals, we long for connection and buy on emotion. So if you want to succeed in business you need to be able to connect with your clients on an emotional level. This is where brand design comes in. Brands that are designed to transcend logic and…

Brand moodboard with inspirational images of wellness entrepreneurs, type examples and colour palette

Brand Mood Board: The key to creating a consistent & beautiful brand

A brand mood board is a design tool that tells a visual story about your brand. It will help you create and maintain a consistent, beautiful look for your brand. Mood boards are key to designing the visual aesthetic of your brand’s identity. They include everything from type inspiration to colour palette, texture and patterns…

the importance of brand touchpoints - brand moodboard

The surprising power of brand touchpoints across your customer journey

Brand touchpoints can have a surprising power to reinforce and support your brand even in the most subtle of interactions with your customers. They offer an opportunity to consistently delight your customers, building trust and loyalty and strengthening your brand. Let’s start by defining what a brand touchpoint is: it’s any point at which one…

Be more you brand design studio office

Brand Vs Logo: What’s the difference

The first thing most business owners think about when they start a business, launch a new service or course is getting a logo designed.  I understand the enthusiasm to get started and get your name out there but designing a logo before you create your brand is like putting the cart before the horse. It…

Forest Tails brand logo be more you brand design

Forest Tails Dog Grooming Brand Reveal

Louisa is a family friend so when she said she was launching her own dog grooming studio we were always going to work together. I absolutely loved working with Louisa on the brand strategy, which formed the basis for everything we did including a wholesale name change and highlighting her therapeutic approach as an integral…

30 ideas to Get Clients Now

30 proven ways to get clients Now!

Ask most business owners what they need help with in their business and they’ll tell you they need new ways to get clients. Clients are the lifeblood of our business so it’s important to have a strategies in place to attract new clients to our business. The reality is as business owners it’s easy to…

Desk with flowers, crystals and a laptop showing Girl Boss gift guide blog post

Girl Boss Gift Guide

2020 has been unusual, to say the least, especially for us business owners and since most of us have spent the best part of the year holed up in our home offices here are some well-earned girl boss gift ideas for the boss babe in your life. There are some great gift ideas for female…

Dr Nina Integrative Medicine Doctor Website-and-Brand Design-yoga

Integrative Medicine Doctor Brand Design

BRAND STRATEGY | BRAND DESIGN | WEB DESIGN The Project Dr Nina Fuller Shavel is an Integrative Medicine Doctor and director of Synthesis Clinic, based in Hampshire. Nina approached me to design her brand and website for her professional mentoring and online programmes. Nina has an impressive resume and blends her scientific background with her…