Brand magic

A powerful, 90-min session where we'll audit your brand, find clarity, align your messages and add a touch of sparkle.

looking to refine your brand, get inspired & plan your next steps?

When you're a busy entrepreneur you've got so many balls in the air its hard to keep track of them all. Building a brand whilst your running your business can be hard and sometimes you're just too close to your brand to be able to see what's really going on.

A confused brand confuses your clients

The problem is, if your brand messages are scattered across everything you do, from your social media pages to your website, they don't feel cohesive.


They aren't telling one story - they're telling 50 stories at once. And it's not just confusing for customers; it's confusing and exhausting for you too!



Danielle Garber Brand Strategist

A confused mind always says no!

I shouldn't say this but...

creating a cohesive brand doesnt have to be this hard

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Sometimes creating a cohesive brand is as simple as remembering what your brand is really all about. And taking time to look objectively at what you're doing and work out where you want to go.

Sometimes a small course correction is all that's needed - sometimes not.  But you'll have my expert eyes on your brand and I'll offer you an objective opinion.

Imagine if you could

• Finally put your finger on what's not quite working

• Have crystal clear clarity on your next steps

• Get rid of the distractions and focus on what's really going to move the needle for your business

it's time for some Brand Magic

Clarity, cohesion & inspiration await...

My Brand Magic Sessions™ are an in-depth, intensive session designed to give you clarity around what your brand stands for. We can update and align your brand in just 90 minutes and you'll walk away with a clear brand direction.

In just 90 minutes I'll help you get clear on what YOUR BRAND stands for and what makes YOU special as a business. I'll help you craft a plan so that when people interact with any part of your business, whether online or offline, they have no doubt about who YOU are and what YOUR value proposition is (and more importantly WHY it matters to THEM).

You'll get notes and either a moodboard or Pinterest board so you can level up your brand instantly!

Investment £475

How it works


Book online

Easily book and pay for your session using my online scheduler. You'll receive a confirmation email and a request for some information prior to our session.


Join me on Zoom

Join me on Zoom at the scheduled time and we'll deep dive into your brand using my tried and tested framework


Apply some magic

After our session, you'll receive a full recording and transcription of our session so that you can action all of the recommendations.

Sound good?

Who is this for?

Danielle Garber Brand Strategist- brand and web design

Have you DIY'd your brand, not rebranded in a while or just want some expert guidance. These sessions are for passionate business owners who just need a pair of expert eyes on their brand and a steer in the right direction.


And they're perfect for creative types who feel like they're too close to their project to make objective decisions anymore.

Sound familiar?

  • you love your brand but something just feels off and you can't quite put your finger on it
  • your brand feels a bit confused, and you do too. You just need an expert to take a look.
  • you just want to add a bit of polish and sparkle to what you're doing


Don't worry, help is at hand.


Ready for some brand magic?

Danielle is an all-round powerhouse of ideas. She transformed my business


Meet Danielle

I'm a Brand designer & strategist with 19 years experience and a background in business & marketing. I've worked with the likes of Amazon, Apple and John Lewis and now I love to work with purpose-led businesses and visionaries who dream of creating a brighter world.

I don't just build pretty brands. I build strategically aligned brands, using a holistic approach, from the ground up, for purpose-led entrepreneurs who are ready to change the world.

My brands are designed to support your vision and mission through a cohesive brand identity, user-friendly web design and an aligned content strategy.

Danielle Garber Brand designer and Red the labradoodle Be More you branding and marketing


You get 

  • a 90 minute 1-1 session with me to look at how we can align your brand and message to your goals.
  • My brain, expertise & complete attention for 90 minutes
  • A video recording of our zoom session 
  • A full transcription of our session
  • A brand moodboard or Pinterest board with colour palette, typography suggestions and links