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Dr Nina Integrative Medicine Doctor-Brand Design-website

The Project

Dr Nina Fuller Shavel is an Integrative Medicine Doctor and director of Synthesis Clinic, based in Hampshire. Nina approached me to design her brand and website for her professional mentoring and online programmes.

Nina has an impressive resume and blends her scientific background with her medical training and her love of integrative and functional medicine. The brand design seeks to balance her professional and scientific influences with her holistic view and approachability.

The brand design also included a sub-brand design for Nourish Support Connect, her online breast cancer care programme.

Brand Design

Brand colour palette: Spring

We wanted a light and feminine colour palette that expressed Nina’s warm and playful personality and that would appeal to her largely female audience as a specialist in women’s health.

I included some dusky blues and navy as well that could be used for her training materials as part of her brand is focussed on providing mentoring for doctors looking to adopt integrative and functional medicine practices and she also provides training for healthcare practitioners working in integrative oncology.

Dr Nina Integrative Medicine Doctor Website-and-Brand Design-appointment
Dr Nina Integrative Medicine Doctor Website-and-Brand Design-instagram
Dr Nina Integrative Medicine Doctor Website-and-Brand Design-logo design
Dr Nina Integrative Medicine Doctor Website-and-Brand Design-iphone
Dr Nina Integrative Medicine Doctor Website-and-Brand Design-Nourish-Support-Connect
Dr Nina Fuller Shavel Brand Style Board
Danielle Garber

Danielle Garber

Brand designer and strategist with 20 years experience. I create and develop strategically aligned, stand out brands for coaches and consultants in the health & wellness, spiritual & personal development space. I help heart-centred entrepreneurs scale their impact and income through my integrative brand approach that encompasses strategy, design and brand-aligned SEO.

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