Laura Green Yoga Branding

Brand refresh and social media graphics for International Yoga Instructor Laura Green and new branding and logo for sub-brand Yoga Teacher's Collaborative.

Laura Green brand board Be more you brand design

Laura came to me on the anniversary of being in business for 10 years, with 4 businesses that all sit under her umbrella brand of Laura Green Yoga.


The businesses all serve different audiences and she felt it was time to create distinct identities for them, without moving too far away from her original brand.


Laura has a large following of loyal yogis and students. The brand work focused on polishing the visual aspects of her business as well as providing consultancy and styling advice for her first brand photoshoot.

Defining a Core Brand visual identity

Laura's always used teal as her core brand colour and has included turquoise in the past. She was keen to keep her brand gender-neutral as she serves a large audience base of both men and women.


I introduced a lighter seafoam and a vibrant Tiffany blue turquoise to the core colour palette.


These three colours serve as the foundation across all of her brands to create a consistent visual approach whilst allowing for distinct brand identities across the different areas of her business.


We also chose a new font combination to use across her website, printed workbooks and social media graphics. The emphasis was on finding a font that was both legible and highly readable. We wanted simple, flowing fonts that would be calming to read.

Turquoise and teal brand colour palette | brand design
brand and sub brand colour palette
Laura Green teacher training brand board_be-more-you-brand-design

Choosing a vibrant colour palette

When you're creating a visual identity for a personal brand you have to take into account the personality of the person behind the brand. Laura is dynamic, fun and bold with a zest for travel. She also loves the quiet calm of the sea.

This colour palette matches the strong, passionate parts of her personality, as well as her softer, calmer side. It mirrors the Yin and Yang of her teaching style that might see her teach a calming restorative class one week, followed by a strong, challenging vinyasa the next week.


Calming, nourishing yoga brand

Laura is the founder and gatekeeper of The Yoga Teacher's Collaborative: a space for yoga teachers to come together to support each other in their practice, development and businesses. It has taken on a life and energy of its own, we wanted to make it stand apart from the rest of Laura's businesses as it serves only qualified yoga instructors.

The words Laura used to describe The Yoga Teacher's Collaborative were "Nourishing, nurturing and supportive".

The brand has a very different energy from the rest of her brands.

Yoga Teachers Collaborative brand board_be-more-you-brand-design
Yoga Teachers Collaborative brand board_be-more-you-brand-design_2

Yoga logo design

The Yoga Teacher's collaborative required its own brand identity. The text-based logo features the same main font used across the rest of the brand but we added a handwritten script font to soften the look.

It uses the soft, muted tones of its separate colour palette.


Yoga brand logo | Text based logo for yoga teacher | Yoga Logo | Be More you Branding & Marketing

Branded social media

Laura uses Facebook and Instagram to engage with her community. These platforms provide a way to communicate upcoming events and workshops as well as changes to class timetables.


I designed a suite of social media designs

  • Instagram Story templates
  • Instagram Post templates
  • Facebook Post templates


The templates are designed to be able to be used together to clearly represent the different areas of the business and clearly signpost who the messaging is for.

Examples of Instagram banded post designs for The Yoga Teacher's collaborative
Examples of Instagram banded post designs for Laura Green yoga
Examples of Instagram banded post designs for Laura Green yoga Soul retreats and teacher training

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