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Calming & professional. A soulful brand for an integrative medicine doctor in California

Dr Ann Seide approached me to create a brand and website that reflected her professional credentials. She wanted to reflect her professional values and authority as a medical doctor with over 25 years of experience.

As director of palliative care at Los Robles Hospital, California, Integrative Medicine Doctor, Zen Buddhist, trained Council practitioner and Navy veteran Dr Ann brings a lot to the table.

Her concern was “how do you integrate a holistic approach to wellness and Buddhist values whilst still retaining the authority attached to mainstream medicine?”

Brand Strategy: Seide Integrative Health

Initially, the brand was to be built around Dr Ann Seide with a view to expand to a full-scale integrative medicine clinic in the future. As it was, a huge opportunity presented itself during the process, necessitating full NDA protocol, and we had to expedite the brand expansion plans.

Luckily the brand had been designed with the future vision in mind, so it required only minor tweaks.

Design Inspiration: A calming, zen-like experience.

The design inspiration came from Ann’s home and practice. Living in California, the expansive backdrop of the Californian hill’s is the view Ann’s clients will enjoy from her home clinic.

Ann is a practicing Buddhist, and when asked what characteristic her patients are most likely to associate with her, she answered ‘equanimity’, her ability to remain calm and centred, even in the most stressful and emotional of situations.

All of the colours for the Seide Integrative Health brand are deeply calming and steeped in nature. The muted tones calm the eye and the brand imagery evokes a sense of wellbeing, so that the healing process begins from the first brand touchpoint.

Seide integrative health brand design moodboard
Seide integrative health brand design social templates

Brand Design: Seide Integrative Health

The logo was an evolution of a lotus sketch Ann came to me with. We added the Rod of Asclepius, a symbol of medicine dating back to greek mythology. Asclepius was the son of Apollo and the human princess Coronis; Asclepius is the Greek demigod of medicine. According to mythology, he restored the health of the sick and brought the dead back to life.

Fun fact. You might often see the rod with 2 snakes and wings- this is known as the caduceus, and the stick is a staff carried by the Olympian god Hermes. In Greek mythology, Hermes was a messenger between the gods and humans and a guide to the underworld.

Another fun fact – In the rod of Asclepius, the snake head should always lay on the right. It took untold hours to create the exact right thickness and length of snake for this logo!

Seide integrative health brand design_logo background

The skyline you see behind the logo is the Californian hills, it’s the view Ann wakes up to every morning and the colours were perfect for her brand.

Seide integrative health brand design instagram design
Social media page cover design
Seide integrative health brand design instagram design

Website Design: Seide Integrative Health

Full WordPress website design and development. TheSeide Integrative Health website offers a lead generation offer through a downloadable mp3 meditation and the booking page integrates with the Seide Integrative Health booking system.

There are pages for each of the Integrative health pillars Ann uses in her practice – Mind/body support, integrative nutrition, acupuncture, council and herbal medicine.

Built on beaver-builder, the design is completely responsive across all devices and the entire site was SEO optimised to make it easier for Ann’s clients to find her.

Seide integrative health brand and website design

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