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Nothing says 'go-to' expert like being #1 on google

Imagine being the 'go-to'  expert in your industry, the first and last, trusted-source for information, education and inspiration.

Being number 1 on Google will open the door to a global audience of untapped customers.

Turn your website into a lead-generating machine today and amplify your credibility and authority at the same time.

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Danielle Garber SEO specialist for wellness brands
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An integrated brand-aligned content strategy for seo

search-friendly content that converts

I approach SEO a bit differently than most because I combine my knowledge of SEO and branding, business strategy and marketing psychology.

We go beyond keywords and clicks and create conversion-friendly content that is aligned to your brand and business goals to attract the right audience that's primed to buy.

Sustainably scale your business, and drive traffic to your site with conversion-optimised Search engine optimisation


conversion-optimised SEO

Search engine optimisation

aligned Seo

my seo philosophy


A new approach to content creation to drive traffic, leads, sales and connection.


I go beyond Keyword research and box-ticking. Every decision we make has a clear strategy behind it backed by the latest SEO best practice, competitor research, and customer journey insights.


Your content is designed to help you achieve your business goals. We’ll set impact KPIs as well as monitor SEO metrics so you can effectively measure the return on your investment.


Generic content might win searches, but it won’t win customers. We’ll integrate brand-building, unique and competitor-proof content that can’t easily be replicated.

SEO and content expert Danielle Garber

SEO changed my business, and it can change yours too.

hi i'm Danielle

integrative BRAND & SEo specialist

I’m an integrated brand & SEO specialist. I scaled a business that had NO website traffic, no audience, no social media presence and no PR, in one of the most competitive online spaces in the world, with zero ad budget... and now we’re a multiple 6-figure business with a steady stream of qualified leads landing in our inbox daily and thousands of website hits every month.

I’m a brand strategist with 20 years of marketing experience. I’ve helped multiple businesses across all different industries and niches scale, through an aligned SEO and content strategy.

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Danielle Garber wellness business SEO specialist

SEO isn'tMagic

But it feels like it

people are ready to work with me as soon as I get them on the phone ”

I didn't think it was possible for a small local business like ours to rank on google but we've gone from no website traffic or leads to thousands of monthly web visits and a steady stream of qualified leads every week. And now we've got customers all over the world!


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Jennifer Claire Constant SEO Client Testimonial

"Marketing. SEO. Brand Development and more. Danielle is an all-round powerhouse of ideas.”

She has transformed my businesses and also given me tons of confidence in what I am doing. She's fun, down to earth and sometimes I wish I could just download her brain. I keep adding to what we are working on as I'm excited about what we can achieve together.

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