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The Project

When I started my business, I had a wish list of people I wanted to work with, Holly and Sam of Mind Body Medical were pretty much top of that list, so I was hugely excited to work with them on this.

Dr Sam Watts is an Integrative Medicine Doctor who runs Mind Body Medical Ayurveda Clinic near Chichester with his wife Holly. Dr Sam spent years working in cancer survivorship research at Southampton Hospital, looking at integrative ways to improve cancer survivorship.

It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE fan of their work. I met Sam and Holly about 10 years ago when a friend recommended their ‘Double Detox’ Ayurveda workshop and have since completed a 6-week introduction to Ayurveda course with them.

Brand Design

Holly contacted me to help them with the brand design for Ayurvedic Mentor, a group membership designed to educate and support people to integrate ayurvedic practices into their day-to-day life, with a focus on preventative health care.

They’d never focussed too heavily on the visual aspects of their brand but they had an army of brand-evangalists who followed their work, packed out their events and had the clinic fully booked. As I explained to Holly, we wanted to elevate the brand and give them the professional image they deserved, but we had to create a brand that resonated with their existing loyal fan base.

We decided to align the brand design for Ayurvedic Mentor with their existing branding, which did get a little refresh of colours and fonts but kept their existing logo.

Holly and Sam live and breathe their brand, which is why I was delighted to see their brand photos in their newly decorated on-brand kitchen

Holly and Sam Watts of Mind Body medical founders of Ayurvedic mentor (1)

Brand Colour Palette

Turquoise and green were part of Mind Body Medical’s original colour palette which we expanded to provide a more flexible palette to work with.

I introduced a darker teal and some soft ‘John Lewis’ inspired oatmeal and taupe. The brand needed to feel warm, familiar and safe.

The coral injected some fiery energy, which provides contrast to the cooler, fresher tones and reflects the warming, energising nature of some of the Ayurvedic practices.

Ayurvedic mentor logo - Ayurveda branding integrative medicine membership logo design brand and web design by be more you

Aside from running an incredibly successful private practice, Mind Body Medical also provide in-person and online Ayurveda training for practitioners and individuals, so time is precious.

It was important to me that the brand design would be easy to implement so I provided Holly with a full suite of editable canva templates for facebook and instagram as part of the project.

Integrative medicine doctor & ayurveda brand design - Be More You Brand Design

Brand Style Boards

Workbook Design

A key part of the Ayurvedic Mentor programme is the monthly recipes and shopping list its members receive.

Ayurvedic mentor brand workbook mockup

I created workbook page templates that are fully editable in Canva so that Holly can easily update them every month.

The blue, green and red brand elements were designed to provide an easy colour coding system for the recipes so that they could be referenced by their Ayurvedic Dosha – Vata, Pitta or Kapha

Ayurvedic mentor brand workbook mockup 1
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