Colourful brand design for a Jewellery Designer

Laura De Zordo creates one-of-a-kind handcrafted gemstone jewellery from her studio in East Hampshire.

Fuelled by an obsession for colour and sourcing beautiful gemstones from across the world, Laura’s bold creations offer an escape from the every day and bring the colours of the world to the wearer.

Each stone is hand-selected by Laura for its colour, quality and rarity ensuring that every Laura De Zordo creation is as unique as the person wearing it.

Her simple and elegant designs perfectly complement the colourful stones.

Brand style board for Laura De Zordo Jewellery with logo variations, colour pallete, type suite and moodboard

Brand Strategy

Laura De Zordo approached me for help with her Brand Strategy whilst in the middle of a website redesign. She came to me on the recommendation of another client of mine and was desperately seeking clarity and direction.

The first thing that struck me about Laura was her unwavering passion and borderline obsession for colourful gemstones. This is a woman who takes an annual pilgrimage to seek out the most spectacular and rare gemstones to use in her designs, her story about driving through blizzards in America to meet a gemstone dealer to secure one particularly rare gem harked back to memories of Indiana Jones.

This “FOR THE BOLD” graphic I created, was my inspiration for the brand, inspired by elaborate floral installations from Liberty of London. It captured the drama and spirit of the unapologetically bold men and women that wear Laura’s designs.

Laura De Zordo For the Bold

The brand strategy consisted of creating a brand statement, refining the brand story and, defining Laura’s unique standout advantage, crafting the tagline “Jewellery as unique as you are”.

Laura De Zordo main logo with tagline: Jewellery as unique as you are

We identified her brand essence and created a plan to embody that energy through her brand. Each element of her brand essence included brand words that evoke that feeling/emotion and suggestions for walking the walk.

Brand Mood board for Laura De Zordo Jewellery with colourful photos of wildflowers, hanging floral installations, colourful gemstones, packaging and decorative fonts
Page from brand strategy for creative brand essence with image of hand drawn ring designs and text that reads brand words and walking the talk

Colourful Brand Design

This colourful brand included a master logo, alternative logo, brand stamp and favicon for Laura to use across her website, packaging and social media. I also created a suite of brand collateral for her brand, including gift cards and vouchers, wish lists, care cards, stone meaning cards, Pinterest pin designs, business cards and an email signature.

Her gift cards played on her tagline with the message “a gift as unique as you are” and we even created wish list cards for her clients to fill out and give to their partners/family as Christmas lists with fun phrases like “I’ll pretend to be surprised” and “Spoil me, I’m worth it”.

We opted for bright, bold colours balanced with a simple, elegant font pairing.

Laura De Zordo Logo design
Laura de zordo logo suite design
Pinterest Pin design for Laura De Zordo
pinterest pin design for blog
Pinterest pin design for new collection Laura De Zordo
Branded Gift card vouchers for Laura De Zordo that read: A gift as unique as you are
Branded Jewellery care card for Laura De Zordo Jewellery
Branded wish list cards that say Spoil me I'm worth it and I'll pretend to look suprised
PACKAGING STICKER reads laura de zordo handcrafted jewellery
Packaging sticker in Tiffany blue reads handcrafted original, thank you,
Laura De Zordo email Signature design

Branded Packaging Cards: Stone Meanings

Many of Laura De Zordo’s designs are purchased as a highly personalised gift, with the design and colours matched to the personality of the recipient. As part of our brand exploration, I suggested adding a branded card with the stone meaning to each ring.

These cards can also be sent to clients wishing to select stones for bespoke orders to help them choose the right gemstone.

Tourmaline stone meaning card designed for Laura De Zordo
Garnet Stone meaning card designed for Laura De Zordo
Azurite - malachite stone meaning card designed for Laura De Zordo

Web Design Direction

Laura was already halfway through her Shopify website overhaul when we met, I provided web design direction as part of her brand design package and her web team implemented the new brand design and photography across her site to ensure a cohesive brand experience across all platforms.

Website homepage design for Laura De Zordo with photo of colourful gemstone rings

Brand Photography

The striking brand photography was created by Ria Mishaal, an award-winning photographer and artist and friend of mine. I introduced Ria to Laura and initially briefed her on the creative direction. Ria’s ability to capture the brand essence and translate it into captivating photography elevated the entire brand, and she has become an integral part of Laura’s brand team.

Laura’s Instagram account has become a celebration of colour.

photo of woman in brightly coloured dress and turquoise rings
gemstone rings in a bowl with purple flowers in the background
woman in garden wearing different colour Laura De Zordo rings
photo of laura de zordo turquoise rings
model holding laura de zordo gemstone ring
Photo of LAura de zordo handmade turquoise rings

Ready to Uplevel your brand?

I hope you’ve enjoyed peeking behind the curtains of this gorgeous brand creation. A strong brand can elevate your business, amplify your message and create a lasting impact. If you’re ready to step into the next level for your brand schedule a discovery call with me.

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